The 13 industry giant step towards the research project will make motor




Recently announced by the U.S. department of energy will invest $25 million in funding to promote the efficient motor technology of 13 projects, including energy efficiency and renewable energy project office of a new generation of motor will address the limitations of traditional materials, new design will improve the efficiency of the motor, the performance, and to reduce their weight.
'These projects will make a huge step towards the development of efficient motor, are more likely to be significant to promote the competitiveness of American manufacturing' EERE advanced manufacturing office director Mark Johnson said, 'these technology research and development project aims to improve the automotive industry, from long from far view will help to the automobile manufacturing enterprises to save energy and money.'
Four out of 13 project field was EERE advanced manufacturing office, their research direction is:
, the high performance heat and electronic conductor;
, low loss silicon steel;
, high temperature superconducting wires;
Other implementation technology.
In one project, ge will develop a new type of insulation materials, can help improve motor voltage endurance twice, while advanced silicon carbide drive to cut 5-10% of energy use. In another project, the California car developers NovaTorque will developed a do not use the engine of rare earth magnets, direct use of soft magnetic composites and grain production, in a tapered air-gap structure innovation. The project aims to improve the efficiency of 5 kw motor 92% to more than 96%.
Other technology projects include: wide bandgap semiconductor devices. Advanced magnetic material; Radical cooling technology; Improved conductor technology. Recent projects will also further explore nano materials, high silicon steel manufacturing process, high temperature superconductor.
Manufacturing in the United States, 70% of its power loss is from industrial motor operation, this part accounted for a quarter of the entire U.S. electricity consumption of energy.



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