A number of policy, safety control in the industry was approaching




Industrial control system is widely used in energy, water conservancy, petroleum chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and other industrial production field, serve as a national key production facilities and infrastructure to run 'nerve centre', once destroyed, may cause casualties, environmental pollution, serious consequences, such as production shutdown will be a serious threat to national economic security, political security and social stability and national security. At present, the Internet security problem is becoming more and more serious with industrial integration innovation, emerging demand attention also makes the safety control in the field. This year for safety control in the field of countries will also be for a number of policy, in the crowded policy to encourage and promote, the safety control in the industry will have real outbreak?
There are two big threat industrial security
In May 2015, the 'made in China 2025', its core connotation is the information Internet technology combined with traditional industrial manufacturing, intelligent form production, improve the utilization rate of resources, in order to promote the national competitiveness. In the future, along with the advancement of 'made in China 2025', realize intelligence industry equipment connected to the Internet will become the inevitable trend.
Policies to promote industrial security upgrades
In 2016 the important node of the security market can be said to be China's labor. This year, China has introduced a number of policies and  regulations to promote the construction of industrial control system of information security system, industrial control system of information security to further optimize the policy environment, industrial security is becoming a new battlefield national security. In may last year issued the state council on deepening the guidance for the development of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion, specifically, to implement the industrial control system security engineering, improve the capacity to develop perfect industrial information security management policies and regulations, perfect the system of industrial information security standards and improve the level of industrial information system security.
In October last year, the ministry of industry and information technology issued by the 'industrial control system of information security protection guide (hereinafter referred to as' protection guide '), has been clear about the industrial enterprises to carry out the work of safety control in the guidelines.
Last November, the 12th 24th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress examined and approved by the network security law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the 'law of network safety'), and will take effect on June 1, 2017. The network safety 'clearly put forward to guarantee safe operation of critical information infrastructure, the key spot check information infrastructure security risk detection, put forward the improvement measures, etc.
Last December, the state Internet information office released the national cyber security strategy, clear will protect critical information infrastructures as a strategic task.



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