Innovation, intelligent and green - fei make 2016




The 18th China GongBoHui ended on November 5, the exhibition to hand over a beautiful answer, the size and number of professional visitors record highs. For the current China's manufacturing industry, the innovation is the first power, leading the development of intelligent manufacturing is 'made in China 2025' main attack direction, green manufacturing is the key to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Based on this, the 18th China GongBoHui to 'innovative, intelligent and green' as the theme, building the interaction platform for the high-end domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing enterprises.
As a set of motor products research and development, manufacture and sale in a body's specialized company, Shanghai fei leaves power technology co., LTD. With a new product, new interpretation of the great mystery of intelligent factory in the future. During the exhibition, fei leaves power also accepted China intelligent manufacturing network, general manager of the reporter's interview.
At present, energy conservation and emissions reduction is an important realistic problem in our country environment work, while the motor is the key of industrial energy saving. Asynchronous motor gradually cannot meet the enterprise energy saving requirements. Fei leaves power to meet the demand of advancing with The Times of industrial energy saving, continuously upgrade the product. Especially, as a new type of energy-saving motor, fei leaves power production of three-phase ac permanent magnet synchronous motor for its high power factor, high efficiency, etc. In some factories on the ground application, has been the high recognition of the enterprise.



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