Cohesion is strength, unity is the first step to success




The arrival of the Spring Festival of 2017 fei leaves the company in order to stimulate internal potential, at the same time let the players feel personal relationship with the team as close as lips and teeth, in songjiang sheshan forest park in recently organized a promotional activities, the purpose is to enhance teamwork, cooperate with each other, helping each other, sharing success. Promotional activities, we have benefited a lot from in laughter again and again in the face of the failure of calm, you say ok. We co-operate in group activities, embodies the trust between teammates and unparalleled power... Profound interpretation of fei leaves us, keep improving the quality of products, the subtleties spirit perfect and tireless pursuit. Employees pay together, enjoy the joy of success! This is a test of willpower, this is a team, the promotional activities in fostering team cooperation consciousness, strengthen team cohesion is achieved satisfactory forecast result.

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