2016 China robot industry promotion conference held in wuhu




On December 13 to 16, 2016 China robot industry promotion conference was held successfully in wuhu. From government, industry organizations, research institutes, enterprises and capital platform in areas such as more than thousands of people gathered to discuss the development of robot industry and the future.


This conference for four days, in four days, the BBS, leader summit (closed), industrial robot BBS special (entrepreneurs), industrial robots, BBS BBS, special (special), service robot (military) standards and reliability BBS BBS, robots, medical and pension kang complex robot BBS, special (military) robot behind closed doors, communication ccpit, listed on the new three board training robot needs more than 10 games theme activities, project BBS beltway and a series of activities, great exception; Higher-ups gathered in more than 30 industry, around the industry development of generic technology, man-machine collaboration robots present situation and prospect, the intelligent robot on the discussion and employment and productivity issues, in the wisdom of collision, a thorough analysis of the development trend of the industry in each niche, cutting-edge technology and demand trends and development hotspot issues. Fei leaves power technology co., LTD, as a representative of the wuhu robot industry core parts enterprises, the whole journey to participate in the conference, December 14 in the afternoon, in the industrial robot theme BBS (special) link, fei leaves power to the participating experts and entrepreneurs representatives made titled 'key servo technology of intelligent manufacturing, the theme of the report to the assembled guests Shared the servo motor industry development the important role of technology in the future robots and the development of domestic servo motor, and the future development trend of domestic servo motor and technology improve the interaction and communication with the guests.

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