The ministry: industrial robots grew by 34.3% last year, will develop specifications prevent redunda




On March 11, the fifth session of the twelfth session of the National People's Congress (NPC) news conference, said ministry vice-minister xin guobin, in 2016, our country industrial robot production has reached 72400, year-on-year growth of 34.3%.
Miit will push next robot industry toward high-end, at the same time the ministry attaches great importance to the redundant construction problems of the industrial robot, the specification will be enacted as soon as possible for the implementation of industrial robot industry announcement management measures, further improve the barriers to entry, standardize the order of market competition; Pushing forward the  construction of the robot industry group to improve certification testing platform.
According to xin guobin, now more than 20 provinces and cities across the country had been their robots as to cultivate key industries, the country has been built and under construction robot industry park for more than 40, the number of robots enterprises more than 800.
Xin guobin, said in 2016, our country industrial robot production has reached 72400, rose 34.3% year-on-year, increasing the scale of industry. At the same time, the technology level of industry improve obviously. Human-machine collaborative robot robot has high technology content to the market, has achieved batch orthopaedic surgery robot in 3 armour hospital application of speech recognition, image recognition  technology, such as some robots of proprietary technology, has reached the advanced level in the world now. Short plate also has some industry breakthrough, such as key parts and components, like the RV reducer has achieved batch application now, servo motor and controller of research and development and industrialization have substantial progress.
Also further expand the service areas: industrial robots have been from the traditional automobile manufacture to machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, shipbuilding, mining and other fields rapidly expand. Service robots have also been in medical surgery, rehabilitation, catering, consumption, fire control, public service, etc. Continue to implement the robot industry development planning, strengthen the planning guide, further strengthen the scientific and rational development. Second, as soon as possible to implement measures for the management of industrial robot industry standards bulletin, further improve the barriers to entry, standardize the order of market competition. Third, pushing forward the construction of the robot industry organization setting up research and development, innovation, and the rules of fair competition, strengthening industry self-discipline. Fourth, to speed up the perfect certification testing platform, completes the industry standard system revision work, to further promote the robot and the improvement of the key components and evaluation system.


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