Intelligent Logistics Servo Products


Advanced Intelligent Logistics Drive

We have a rich product portfolio and excellent integration solutions to meet the needs of the intelligent logistics industry for drive technology.
We not only provide standardized products, but also provide customized products and solutions according to customer needs.

Motorized Roller

Gearless motor, built-in integrated motor controller, digital interface or I/O interface. Drum motors with gear reducers are also available for high torque applications.

Drum Motor

Drum motors are available in diameters from 50 mm to 168 mm and drum lengths from 350 mm to 1500 mm, with standardized encoder and motor interfaces.

Sorting Motor

Compact, gearless small motor with continuous digital control for flexible transmission and sorting unit.

Steering Wheel Drive

The large torque and compact steering wheel drive products can be flexibly integrated into the driving and steering applications of AGV and AMR because of their stable structure, high power density and other characteristics.

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