Industrial Servo Products


High-Performance Industrial Control Motors

We have many years of experience in R&D and production of three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motors, and our products can meet the needs of many high-performance occasions.
We not only provide standardized products, but also provide customized products and solutions according to customer needs.

High Dynamics Servo Motor 5FSNA Series

The product has the characteristics of high rated speed and low moment of inertia, and is suitable for high-precision equipment applications.

Large Inertia Servo Motor 5FSRA Series

Applicable to larger inertia application scenarios to meet different control requirements.

Air-cool Servo Motor 5FANF Series

In the case of limited cooling conditions, improve product performance with high-efficiency fans.

Reinforced Ventilation Servo Motor 5FSNC Series

Improve air cooling efficiency and further improve product performance in limited space.

Liquid-cool Servo Motor 5FSNW Series

Through the efficient water cooling method, the product can play a more perfect performance in a smaller volume.

Low Speed Direct Drive Servo Motor 5FSDA

It is suitable for low speed and high torque application scenarios, abandoning the traditional mode of "motor+reducer".

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