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Classification of industrial robot motor drive system


Robot electric servo drive system is to use a variety of motor torque and power, directly or indirectly driven robot ontology for the robot's actuators of various kinds of sports.

The drive motor, industrial robot joint requires maximum power quality ratio and inertia torque ratio, high starting torque and low inertia and more broad and smooth speed range. Especially like robot end executor (paw) should be used motor size, the quality is as small as possible, especially for quick response, servo motor must have high reliability and stability, and has the larger short-term overload capacity. This is servo motor applied in the industrial robot prerequisite.

Robot main requirements summarizing to joint drive motor are as follows

1, rapidity,

Motor from get instructions signal to complete the required working state of time should be short. Response signals of the shorter time, the higher the sensitivity of the electrical servo system, the more rapid response performance good, generally based on the size of the electromechanical time constant of the servo motor to illustrate the performance of the servo motor rapid response.

2, starting torque, moment of inertia than the big

In the case of driving load, the requirement of servo motor of the robot large starting torque, moment of inertia of small.

3, the control characteristics of the continuity and linearity, as the change of control signals, the rotational speed of the motor can change continuously, sometimes still need speed is proportional to the control signal is proportional or approximation.

4, wide speed range.

Can be used in the latter ~ 10000 speed range.

5, small volume, low quality and short axial dimensions.

6, able to withstand harsh operating conditions, can be very frequent direction and deceleration operation, and can withstand overload in short time.

At present, due to the high starting torque and high torque and low inertia of ac and dc servo motor is widely used in industrial robots, average load of 1000 n (below 100 KGF) industrial robots are mostly adopts electrical servo drive system. Adopted by the joint main drive motor is AC servo motor, stepping motor and the DC servo motor. Among them, the ac servo motor, dc servo motor, direct drive motor (DD) adopts position closed loop control, commonly used in high precision, high speed drive system of the robot. Stepper motor driving system is more suitable for precision, speed, demand is not high, small simple open loop system of the robot. Ac servo motor with electronic commutation, non commutation spark and has been widely used in the inflammable and explosive environment. Robot joints drive motor power range of 0. 1 ~ 10 kw. Industrial robot drive system adopted by the motor.