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Ensure no oriented silicon steel excellent magnetic properties


Motor in operation, with energy loss, fever, result in higher operating temperature. General motors to allow maximum temperature of 80 ℃, thus, this experiment adopts the method of artificial aging, the sample in different heat preservation time under different temperature, examine the stability of its performance. The carbon content of the finished product significantly affects the aging process, the higher the carbon content is aging, the more significant.

1,.when the carbon content of 0.003% or less of the final products, no matter in several temperature, heat preservation 1 how long, all showed a trend of no limitation.

2,.when finished the carbon content of 0.01% or less, in low temperature, aging is not obvious, but at high temperature, aging is obvious.

3. when the carbon content of close to 0.02% of the final products, at any temperature, short time heat preservation, which showed a trend of obvious limitation.

Visible, the finished product the best carbon content should be 0.003% ~ 0.005%, which can ensure good magnetic energy, and no time trend. Therefore, keep low carbon content in the smelting, fully decarburizing annealing, and in the rear part of the process is to ensure that no orientation are the important factors of silicon steel excellent magnetic and no time.