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The application of linear motor in high speed machine tools

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Along with the development of the direct drive technology, linear motor and the traditional 'rotating servo motor ball screw driven by way of contrast to the attention of the industry. Now some of the world advanced technology center processing factory started on its high-speed machine tool applications.

Because of the precision linear motor drive mechanism simple and reduce the interpolation lag problem, positioning accuracy and repeat precision, the absolute accuracy, by detecting position feedback control will be the 'rotating servo motor ball screw' is high, and easy to implement. Linear motor position precision can reach 0.1 microns. 'Rotary servo motor ball screw' to a maximum of 2 ~ 5 microns, and require CNC servo motor - no gap connecting shaft device - thrust bearing - cooling system - the high precision rolling guide - nut - workbench closed-loop transmission part of the whole system to lightweight, grating precision is higher. To achieve high stability, 'rotating servo motor ball screw' take biaxial drive, linear motor is high fever parts, take strong measures to cold to achieve the same purpose, linear motor were far more costly.

Speed linear motor has a considerable advantage, linear motor speed of 300 m/min, the acceleration achieve 10 g; Ball screw speed of 120 m/min, the acceleration of 1.5 g. From the contrast of speed and acceleration, linear motor has a considerable advantage, and linear motor speed after successfully solve the problem of heat will also further improve, and the 'rotating servo motor ball screw' in speed is restricted to improve more.

Life in terms of linear motor for gap is installed between the moving parts and fixed parts, no contact, not because of the dynamic high-speed reciprocating motion of wear and tear, long use between changes in movement and positioning accuracy, suitable for the occasion of high precision. Ball screw cannot ensure accuracy in the high speed reciprocating motion, because of the high speed friction, the wear and tear of lead screw nut, affecting the precision of the motion requirements. Can't meet the demand for high precision occasions.