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Security conveying system in the application of servo motor

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Working process is more complicated due to the security equipment, conveyor system in the actual working conditions to complete forward, backward, forward, pause, forward, pause, forward, and a series of movement, and the existing general transport system can't realize this a series of complex movement accurately.

Part transmission system of mechanical structure is mainly composed of servo motor, power roller, boshan ship fire pump up the cylinder and the conveying belt pulley, haul of five parts.

Conveying system servo drive part adopts the high precision synchronous belt and built-in power servo motor. Conveying system of power transmission part adopts the high precision synchronous belt transmission mode, it is compared with the general belt transmission, chain and gear transmission, the transmission ratio not only accurate, zibo electric drum drive linear velocity, high efficiency, and low noise, good wear resistance, do not need lubricating oil.

In terms of conveying system driving CT screening equipment structure is more compact and have higher request for conveying system of overall dimensions, at the same time in order to reduce the quality were seized large it influence on the feed speed, thus conveying system USES a small size, large power, the built-in ac servo motor is controlled, install it inside the transmission system. Such not only effective to decrease the size of the shape of the transmission system, and make it more concise appearance.

Conveying system main components such as servo motor, reducer, synchronous belt, etc., are relatively independent, self-contained modules, and the conveying system is both linkage with CT screening equipment, can also work independently, for conveying system of seriation laid a good foundation.